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Don't Throw Large Items down Your Apartment's Rubbish Chutes

Trash chutes contain a small opening that is used to dispose of garbage, which is then sent to a central location for collection. They are usually found in apartments or high-rise buildings where...

3 reasons to hire more strata mangers

Strata title is a form of ownership for multi-level apartment blocks. Horizontal subdivisions with shared areas also come under this title. Strata management companies employ experienced...

Advantages of Living in an Apartment

The place you live ultimately affects your lifestyle, mental peace, and how you move in society. Therefore, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons of the place you choose to purchase and ensure th...

Top Questions to Ask When Looking for New Strata Managers

Efficient management of strata managers takes time, knowledge, and experience. For many property owners, their property, whether it is a warehouse, commercial building, or home, is one of their most...

Signs to Change Your Strata Managers

An increasing number of Australians choose to live in townhouses, apartments, and gated facilities, which means there is an increasing reliance on shared living experts that we know as "strata...

The Important Jobs a Strata Manager is Responsible For

If you own a strata property – a vertical building or a complex in simpler words, you’ll very well know how difficult it is to manage everything related to it. From basic maintenance to finances to ad...

This Is Why Strata Managers Need to Raise Costs From Time to Time

Strata management companies offer property owners living with strata title manage their property that is shared with other owners. With these services' help, managing common property becomes more...

All Landlords Should Attend Their Body Corp Strata Meetings

If you own a property in a strata system, you will probably be invited to attend the annual strata meetings in order to find out what is happening to the building. In this blog post, we will take a lo...

Body Corp Fees Are Not Really That Expensive Once You Understand What Is Actually Involved

When you purchase a property that is under the ‘strata title’, you will generally be obligated to pay corporate fees. These fees become eligible soon after purchase, and without them, your body...