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Fostering Community Engagement: The Key to Enhancing Strata Property Values

There's a saying that people often repeat these days: "It takes a village to raise a child." Coming together as a community allows society to provide its new generation with more than just the...

Maximizing Property Value through Proactive Strata Management Strategies

Owning property is often the most significant investment many people make. To ensure that investment appreciates in value, particularly over time, is the natural expectation. For owners of strata...

Unveiling the Impact of Technology on Modern Strata Management

The ever-evolving domain of strata management is currently witnessing a profound metamorphosis, fuelled by the seamless integration of technology. This integration has ushered in a new era of...

Effective Strategies for Streamlining Strata Management Processes

Strata property management encompasses a multitude of responsibilities and tasks, demanding efficient processes to ensure smooth community functioning. In this article, we will delve into effective...

What To Expect From A Strata Manager & Their Responsibilities?

If you live in a shared apartment block, high rise building or work in a commercial office space, you will know that a strata manager plays a key role in ensuring the ongoing maintenance and...

An Introduction into Strata Management

Strata management (Strata United) refers to the administration and maintenance of strata properties, such as apartment buildings, townhouses, and other multi-unit developments. Effective strata...

How a strata management company can assist your residence

How a strata management company can assist your residence If you are the owner of the property, you likely understand that there are a lot of headaches involved in maintaining that property. Whether i...

Importance Of A Good Strata Management Company

Property management is a popular phenomenon; however, that might not be the case with strata management. Most people don’t know much about strata management or why it’s important for property owners. ...

Don't Throw Large Items down Your Apartment's Rubbish Chutes

Trash chutes contain a small opening that is used to dispose of garbage, which is then sent to a central location for collection. They are usually found in apartments or high-rise buildings where...

3 reasons to hire more strata mangers

Strata title is a form of ownership for multi-level apartment blocks. Horizontal subdivisions with shared areas also come under this title. Strata management companies employ experienced...