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Reliable Strata Management Service

Strata United uses one of the premier software, banking and payment packages available in the market place. As a result Strata United is in the position to provide a competitive, professional and reliable Strata Management service to fit the needs of each individual Strata Scheme.

Benefits Of The Technology Used By Strata United

  • No Levy Fees
  • No Banking Fees
  • Accurate Automated Daily Banking
  • Reconciliations
  • Financial Reporting
  • Up To Date Financial Reporting Made
  • Available To Lot Owners Online
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StrataVault combines all of your data in one place making it simple and fast to collaborate with stakeholders.

With strataVault you have the power to manage your communication easier than ever with the simple efficiency provided by our suite of collaborative tools.


This portal allows you to:

  • View your contact details recorded for your properties
  • View the agent and tenant details recorded for your properties
  • Contact the agency to update your details
  • View your levy paid to dates
  • View general financial details for your properties
  • View lot entitlements for your properties
  • Retrieve your username and password
  • Change your password

Don't have a Username? Talk to your manager about viewing your details Online.

Our portal gives you online access 24/7 to important information about your Building.