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The Important Jobs a Strata Manager is Responsible For


If you own a strata property – a vertical building or a complex in simpler words, you’ll very well know how difficult it is to manage everything related to it. From basic maintenance to finances to administration, it’s a bit too much for you to look after on your own. And you can’t even let your strata property be. What you can do is hire a strata manager.

Not many people are aware of the role of a strata manager. If you’re new to this too, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post highlights the numerous important jobs that a strata manager is responsible for. And you’ll be surprised at how much a strata manager can take away from your already full plate.

Looks after Matters Related to Finance and Taxation

A strata manager is responsible for ensuring the financial health of a strata property. They chalk out an annual budget for your strata property, issue levies, ensure that all owners make the levy payments well in time, and facilitate the payment of taxes wherever required. A strata manager makes certain that your strata property isn’t lacking behind in terms of finances and taxation in any way.

Ensure Safety Compliance

No matter what size your strata property is, there are certain safety compliance requirements that it must adhere to. From lift certifications to fire safety, your strata property must be covered in every aspect. This is a major part of a strata manager’s job as they are required to ensure that the property is compliant with all the safety regulations set by the government.

Conducting Meetings

Another important job that a strata manager is responsible for is running committee meetings and ensuring that all the relevant parties are kept well informed about the meeting schedules. A strata manager ensures timely correspondence and maintains meeting minutes. They’re also responsible for day-to-day matters of your property. The role of a strata manager isn’t limited to conducting meetings. They also facilitate in the insurance of your strata property. When it’s time for insurance renewal, they also coordinate with insurance brokers for new quotes.

Maintenance of Your Strata Property

Like every other property, your strata property needs regular maintenance as well. A strata manager ensures your property is in top shape all throughout the year. They obtain quotes from contractors on your behalf, be it builders, cleaners, or gardeners, and make sure that no part of your property is neglected or overlooked. They can also take certain decisions for your property manager on your behalf.

Resolves Disputes

A strata manager also resolves any disputes that may arise within your property’s premises between the owners and tenants. They serve as mediators and ensure harmony is maintained in your strata property. They can also enforce bylaws of the strata scheme.

In short, a strata manager manages all the matters related to your strata property so that you can focus on other important matters that need your attention. Hiring a strata manager makes your life easier and definitely a lot less stressful.