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Signs to Change Your Strata Managers


An increasing number of Australians choose to live in townhouses, apartments, and gated facilities, which means there is an increasing reliance on shared living experts that we know as "strata managers." However, a strata manager may not always be able to manage the complexities of shared property, and that's when you need to change your strata manager.


Here are some signs that would indicate that it’s time to change your strata manager.


#1. Late or No Annual General Meetings

Your strata manager is responsible for arranging the Annual General Meeting (AGM), where they discuss the corporate financials and voting for the management committee and discussion of other administrative and maintenance issues. If your strata manager is often late in organising the AGMs or if the meetings are not arranged at all, it is a clear indication that it’s time to consider changing your strata manager. Moreover, if the meetings are arranged but are poorly organised and if your issues are not addressed well in time, it is also an indication that you may need to change your strata manager.


#2. Persistent Maintenance Issues  

An effective strata manager will ensure that the maintenance issues are resolved as soon as they arise. They schedule regular inspections and maintenance and have a proactive approach. However, if you have long-standing maintenance issues that are not resolved despite being discussed in multiple meetings. In that case, it's a sign that your strata manager is not diligently involved in managing your property, and it's time to consider changing your strata manager.


#3. High Volume of Fee in Arrears

A high volume of fee in arrear might also be an indication that you strata manager is not managing the strata finances efficiently. When there is a high fee in arrear, it can also indicate more serious problems with the budget and open up several other concerns.


#4. Lack of Knowledge About State Legislations

Your strata manager must be well-aware of the state legislations about strata management. Moreover, your strata manager must also stay up to date with any changes in the law that might affect the management of your property. But if you feel that your strata manager lacks basic knowledge about state legislation regarding strata management, it's time to look for alternatives and change your strata manager.


The task of a strata manager is to manage the shared property and deal with all financial and maintenance affairs so you can enjoy peace of mind. But if things are not going the way they should and you find one or more of the above signs, it’s a clear indication that you need to change your strata manager. To learn more about our strata management services, contact us now.