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3 reasons to hire more strata mangers


Strata title is a form of ownership for multi-level apartment blocks. Horizontal subdivisions with shared areas also come under this title. Strata management companies employ experienced professionals, known as strata managers, to manage such buildings. A strata manager administers the owner’s corporation by executing various functions in line with the strata legislation. They are responsible for managing either a group of units or jointly owned real estate properties.

Under an agreement with the owner’s instructions, strata management ensures that the building or property complies with all state laws, is well maintained, and has updated administrative protocols. Any financial, legislative, and compliance matters relating to the common property is also managed. Strata managers liaise with the strata committee to ensure buildings and common areas (pool, foyers, hallways, gardens, etc.) within a strata-titled scheme are adequately maintained for the benefit of all owners.


The strata manager will be part of the strata scheme’s daily operations, including the building complex and common areas. For the proper management of the strata scheme, the lot owners may appoint a strata manager to control, manage, maintain, and administer the building in order to provide a favourable living environment. However, if the building is large, one manager may not be enough.


Neglected Duties

Strata managers have to carry out many duties to maintain the building—the larger the building, the more floors, and amenities. There may be pool facilities, a gym, a garden, or other shared facilities. A strata manager’s primary responsibilities may include property maintenance, maintaining records, financial reporting, and solving problems for the large community living in the building.

Besides the daily roles, they have to pay bills, manage budgets, and cater to building emergencies. This is impossible to do by one person, or the work will be slow and full of errors. With too much workload, a single strata manager might not be able to provide essentials for the client.


Disappointed Renters

Strata management is not only for the benefit of owners but also renters. Hiring more managers is an excellent idea if your current managers are overloaded with duties; otherwise, primary responsibilities will be neglected, and the response will be slow. When deadlines are missed, warranties expire, and scheduled maintenance is missed, your renters may start looking elsewhere.


Overloaded Managers

If you are trying to save costs by hiring fewer managers, then those fewer managers will provide poor quality of work due to being overloaded and may eventually quit. By establishing proper work times and dividing duties, strata managers are less burdened, and the building is well managed; otherwise, the facility is bound to suffer. The more strata managers you have, the easier they will manage time to get all tasks done.

If you want to ensure a smooth strata management experience so your building is maintained to the highest level, then hiring a team of multiple strata managers is the best way to go.